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Gardenscapes resounding success made developers come up with something different, amazing and breathtaking. Well, Homescapes is the new mobile title coming up the same mechanism but so many different things are offered to make this game better one for example Homescapes Hack. JULY 2022




There are a huge numbethe r of interactive features and what are loved are power-ups as well as the beautiful storyline that encourage you to play. Currencies are same in Homescapes and Gardenscapes so you can easily get used to with the game.

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In this Homescapes review, you will learn about –

Story Overview

How to Play?

Some key tips

Coin, a primary currency to buy all the primary decoration stuff and Stars, sort of premium currency to do all the premium work is offered in the game. Both are available at purchases as well as the in-game methods can help. And, Homescapes hack can help in obtaining currencies also

Story Overview

The story is all about Austin, the butler, who is want to take his childhood home to former glory. Simply, his parent wants to sell the childhood home because it is old and look poor. But, Austin doesn’t want it. To make parents reconsider about the decision, he is focusing on decor. To buy all the renovation and decoration stuff, there is need of coins and stars.

You can collect both currencies by solving three tile puzzles and each one will provide a decent amount of coins and stars. Both are really important and you can get it by Homescapes cheats too. It will help in faster progression because you can buy all the important stuff from curtain to matt and so on. It will help you decorate home way better than before and it is reliable also.

In order to play effectively, you need to learn the pure basics. There is a beginner tutorial given which will help in getting used to with the basics and you can progress faster with ease.

Moving tiles will let you match three tiles and each time you have to move tiles that can match three or more tiles.

In the left column, you can find required tiles. Just focus on the required tiles and you can find the matches.

By connecting more than three tiles, you can get power-ups. These are quite helpful in faster progression.

Each time, you complete a level, resources are provided and you should collect the maximum number of coins and stars.

Using resources wisely is the really important thing and you can do it in various manners like you can play now and renovate lately.

These tips helped me progressing faster but there are some advanced tips which will let you earn more resources with ease.

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HOMESCAPES Story world history: there are moments in life when you realize that you’re absolutely happy, and that makes your sweetest dreams last forever. But those dreams must come true! That’s why Austin the butler is taking a break to go to his childhood home, one full of memories and beautiful stories. And the first one if our old carpet that should have been thrown away a long time ago. Now i have time to prepare a little surprise for my parents. Tablet - you can find your to do list on it.

Match three pieces of the same type by swapping adjacent ones. Keep collecting the required pieces to beat level. Beat level to earn stars. Rocket power up - swap it with an adjacent piece to launch it. Match four pieces to make another rocket. You can also activate power ups by double tapping them. You have to match five pieces to get a bomb. Bombs aren’t the only thing you can get by matching five pieces. You have a limited number of moves for each level. The higher grade a soulstone is, the faster the gauge fills up. You can level up to the current adventurer level in a breeze, just by paying some gold here. If you cannot use powerful skill, try to minimize incoming damage with the defense command.

Tip, gameplay secrets: the rainbow ball power up - swap it with piece to remove all the pieces of that color from the field. By the way, if you get tired of the furniture, you can replace it whenever you want. Tap and hold the armchair to see more design options. Cards can be upgraded up to +5. Upgrading requires soulstones and gold. At the shop, you can purchase various items. However, rare cards can be obtained through summoning. Summoning requires all sorts of monetary items and hack cheats code, but sometimes we’ll let you do it for free. You can check the value of the soulstones selected at the center of the extraction board.

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